Saturday, December 24, 2011

I am trying to download google chrome and the main site, will not let me download it.?

You go to;utm_source=en-hpp%26amp;utm_medium=hpp%26amp;utm_campaign=en

to download this, there is no where on the first page that says install now. I go to where it says learn more about google chrome, find a button that says install now, and it takes me back to the first page.. anyone else having this problem, or am I doing something wrong??

Thanks!|||When i go into there. there is a button that says install now. when i press it, it takes me to here鈥?/a>

there reads: Windows Vista / XP SP2 so you probably has to have one of those to download it|||Go to: then click on download Google Chrome on the right hand side of the screen near the top of the page, it's a big blue button. Then it will take you to the Google EULA (End User License Agreement). You must then click on Accept and Install to install the program. It will then open, and you will have to tell it to run or save, I suggest you save it, then run it after it installs.

By the way Google Chrome only works with Windows XP if you have service pack 2 installed and Windows Vista, it is not compatible with any other operating systems and cannot be installed/will not let you install it on any other operating system.|||The easiest way to get Google Chome is to go to the Filehippo and download the .exe file.鈥?/a> - You don't have to jump through Google's various "hoops".

If I stop a download in google chrome, and I try to re-download it, will it pick up where it left off?

I'm downloading Windows 7 off of the Microsoft Website.|||no it will not|||Yes, Google Chrome pre-allocates file space, and uses a temporary namespace to hold files. So, yes if you do not delete the download part file then it will do exactly that.|||im not sure about that. use a download manager like flashget and that will resume when you have an internet connection even if you turn off your computer for the night

Java download - Google Chrome?

Ok i have a windows 7 computer and i used a internet explorer browser, but then recently i decided to download google chrome. I wanted to play this game called runescape but it tells me that " The java plug-in was blocked because it was out of date so then i click the option "Update plug-in" then it takes me to that java website and then i press "agree and start download free" when i click that the computer tells me if im sure because this can harm my computer then i click keep instead of discard then a tab in the bottom of my screen it shows "chromeinstall-6u29 (1).exe ?? what is that and how do i download java, when i go to runescape it still tells me the same thing as before can someone please explain to me!|||1. Deleted that file on your desktop. From recycle bin too.

2. Uninstall Google chrome. It's a crappy browser.

3. Install Opera. (

4. Have fun on RS.

Bypassing school computers to download google chrome?

i am currently a student at an mcps school, the restrictions are very tight and i cant seem to download anything w/o administrative permission. is there a way to do this without the permission|||No there isn't a way, can you put google chrome on a flash drive and install it that way?

Can I affiliate Internet Download Manager with Google Chrome?

IDM have a couple of great options like video downloading and faster download manager and it works perfect with firefox but Chrome isn't supporting it can i do it somehow.|||YEs you can..

Open IDM main Application window..

click on "Downloads" menu then "Options"

in "General" tab check the "Google Chrome" in 'Capture Downloads from the following browsers:' textbox

and... You are done..|||Click on options in IDM, click on General on the top then Check the box "use advanced browser integration" click on OK at the bottom , may prompt for a restart %26amp; done.

I can't download Google Chrome :(?

Alright so I can't really download Google Chrome. Every time I download it and it finishes, it says "Google Chrome does not support your version of windows". I've downloaded Google Chrome on this computer before but then it got a virus from something else so some technician had to restart the whole thing. But now for some weird reason I cant download it. I'm pretty sure its not my computer version or anything like that. I have :Microsoft Windows XP


Version 2002|||make sure you have all the windows updates installed on your computer...

im not sure exactly what the update was called for it... but i remember downloading one for chrome as it needs new software to adapt..|||Oh! I had the same problem before. All you have to do is upgrade to Service Pack 3. That's it!|||UPDATE

Why wont Google Chrome download on my mac?

I've gone through the whole download pages and on the page where it says 'Thank you for trying Chrome!' It hasn't come up in my downloads bar, I've tried waiting an hour and still nothing. Also, my Cam has Intel and is version 10.5.8 so it has no reason. So, why wont it download..? Please+Thanks. x|||that's a mac for you. They like to control absolutely everything you do on your mac do Apple.|||Missing info:

Your computer type (model and processor speed).

Perhaps your Web traffic is too dense. Try at another time or try Firefox instead of Safari.

To be sure you aren't just missing the download activity, go to the "Window" menu and choose "Downloads". Bear in mind that Safari lists download in reverse order compared with all other browsers (newest at the bottom of the list).

You say "my Cam has Intel". Huh? Explain, please. Did you type backwards?